Friday, October 3, 2008


On a verr random day.

Me: Mom, my cream is over and my all other substitutes [ when i don't have the money to buy my cream] is also all over.

Mom: Go buy then.

Me: Mom, I think I will buy this cream.

Mom: No don't change your creams like this. You are supposed to continue use whatever you were using.

Me: Mom, I am approaching 25 and the parlor girl was saying, we are supposed to start using age-defying creams. What do you think? Should I use Pond's age miracle.

Mom: [Looking hard at me] Thats why I told you to get married


Same day, a verr good friend on chat after seeing me and my sister's pic, [ You will know why he is a verr good friend in the end]

H :Veens, r u twins?
I tht your sis is much younger than you

me: no.. she is 5 yrs younger y?

H: you look like twins.

me: mere age ka pata hi nahin chalta :D

H: yeah
wot do you use santoor soap?
he he

me: ponds age miracle ...santoor is so out of fashion :P

H: ha ha
miracles happen

me: they do they do..

Ahh! well it is not time yet, is it? Pond's age miracle can wait :)
H you are a verr good friend! You know how to make a girl feel really good on a verr bad day :)