Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Women Want

It’s the untold story feminism has made us want more. We are greedy like never before. No comprises, please!
Lusty women, passionate women, sigh! Women want the same thing: they want fairytale. They want feel like Cinderella. Love still makes the world go round. Model Amenpreet wahi says one thing that I want the most is a person who loves me unconditionally. Believe me, if you get that one person, your life is perfect. I know many people who want money but what‘s life without that someone special who loves you. My life is beautiful because of my boy friend Raghav. Agrees actor mona singh," I want everything but if I am asked to choose, it would be love."
When you see a woman pitching fresh ides in every meeting and also canceling dinner dates with her partner or friends for attending an official gathering, she’s a woman who chooses career, hands down. Sarah Jane Dias, model says, "for me, work is my passion. This definitely doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to have that special some one but being good at work gives me a high. "Sanya kapoor, a college student says, "if you have a good career, you get good money with which you can shop, socialize, have nice people around and also get a successful man as your partner."
We’re still traditional. You got it right. We want to be wooed, and then finally get married happily. Atleast, that’s what a majority of the women dream about. Is it easy? TV actor Shilp Saklani says, "For me, there’s nothing more important than a good marriage. Making my married life work is an ambition."
We all need a shoulder to cry on., The TV soap friends has given us great lessons in love and friendships. When we’re down, the ‘dial-a-friend’ therapy works wonders. Every woman needs friends. Why isn’t sex and the city all about great friendships. " If you have good friends around you, nothing can bother you. They guard you like pillars all the time," says HR consultant Deepti Kalra. Isn’t that what friends are for!
Show me the money, honey! Yes, that’s what some women love to sing. Gucci bags, Chanel glasses, solitaires, high heels, Armani clothes and a penthouse. Aaah! Now, that’s what women dream of. It’s not only a happy distraction but a reality. "I would like to embark on a shopping spree every now and then, without bothering about my dipping bank balance. This will make me the object of envy for every other woman. Money can buy anything-even a nice guy," says team leader smita kullu.
We’ve glamourised sex too much! While men are bragging about the amazing sex they are enjoying, women are left asking for more. Women as you know don’t need much time to rev up when it comes to sex. Bad sex is a dampener! So, we were not surprised when 70% women voted for good sex. Actor Sherlyn Chopra says, sex is very important for me. There’s no greater pleasure than a good sex session. I even use sex toys as I think no man can satisfy me completely.
Actor Tisca Chopra says, "for me, time is the most desirable thing in this world. There re so many places to visit, so many people to meet. I always feel that if I am not living 60 seconds of a minute, I am not doing justice to my life".