Saturday, April 21, 2007

Delhii Heights

Abi [Jimmy Shergill] and Suhana [Neha Dhupia] are a newly-wed couple who live in a building complex called Delhii Heights. They work for rival companies. In the same society live Timmy [Om Puri], his wife Ruby [Kamini Khana] and their daughter Sweety. Abi’s friend Bobby [Rohit Roy] and his wife Saima [Simone Singh] also live in the same complex.
Then there is Lucky [Vivek Shauq], a cricket bookie, a hilarious character in itself. Also, there are four boys, residents of Delhii Heights, who keep running after girls and pulling each others' legs.
The material hasn’t been explored to the optimum. An exciting screenplay would’ve only taken the graph of the film upwards. Also, a number of scenes are unnecessary and seem forced in the narrative. The writing lacks vision.
Jimmy Shergill is a complete natural. Neha Dhupia evidently seems conscious of the camera at all times, and Rohit Roy manages to emote.
Music [Rabbi Shergill] is pleasant. ‘Tere Bin’ is the best track of the enterprise; its one number you carry home after the show has concluded. Cinematography is striking. Dialogues don’t leave much of an impact.
Overall, Delhii Heights, a movie which you won’t enjoy...


At April 21, 2007 at 9:32 AM, Blogger Wonder Woman said...

But was there hot sex scenes?

It makes or breaks a poor flick, yanno ;)


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