Saturday, January 13, 2007


Make a Volcano with this 3 3/4" volcano you build yourself. Quick-dry plaster is easy to mold and paint.
You can paint & decorate it with lava flow, landscapes etc. Put baking soda and vinegar into the "crater" and perform an amazing eruption in front of your friends and class. Your very own volcano will really erupt with bubbly, fizzy lava. It's an awesome science project and it makes a cool desktop decoration too. The eruption can be performed repeatedly and the fun is unlimited.
Comes with 1 volcano mold (2parts), 2 fine quality plaster mix, six colors of paint, 1 paint brush, 1 stirrer, 1 blister cup, 1 sheet of fun graphics for decoration, 1 set instructions with fun facts and recipe for eruptions.


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