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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Since at least one person of value commented, we can now go on to something partially different. Different as in H(arry) P(otter). Sorry, but Tom Felton is hot?!? Not to be mean (to animals), but whom are you comparing him to? A baboon? Sorry baboon. Is there a worthy comparison to make it clear what these obsessed fan girls are insinuating? Perhaps if you said that the actor who plays Filch (David Bradley) is cute. That comes close. Also, this person on a website claims: "I have had negative feedback about him [Snape] not being gay." Huh? Negative feedback??? Where's the poll? The evidence? Did he/she do a statistic? To quote JKR again: "Thinking about S. as having any sexual life what so ever is enough to make me sick.'' I understand her completely. Imagine writing a text about Violi or Nussbaum (''The next time we meet, one of us will die [and it won't be me!!!] quote from The man in the iron mask, Athos to d'Artgnan or in actor terms John Malkovitch to Gabriel Byrne + a [] which has been added by moi) and these bizarre people start writing fan fiction involving these people and putting them in situations relative to sex. I dare say you'd be more than ''slightly'' disgusted?Next the 7th book is called: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows and will be published on the 21st of July this year. Meaning that we could buy them in England again.Well, we have a few more discussions before it comes out: a) Is Snape good or bad? b) Who will die? c) Can true evil ever be completely destroyed?a) The evidence really is none-existent as such, but there may be a few indications nonetheless. Since nothing is completely black or white, we must accept that Snape definitely doesn't have a blank record. Because of him the Potters are dead, he was a Death Eater. Whether he actually killed someone is a different matter though. The thing is would Dumblie beg for his life? What did he mean? Either it was part of his "plan" to die to keep S's true loyalty hidden from V or he was egging Snape on to kill him. Self-hatred and self-revulsion are indistinguishable of hatred and revulsion. Especially since the story is from HP's point of view of course he'll think that "the look of hatred and revulsion that was etched into the harsh lines of his face'' (sorry dunno whether the quote is correct, but it's more or less right, been quite a while since the last reading) was directed at Dumblie. HP was experiencing the same thing when he force-feeds that goo to D. An outsider could have thought that HP hated D. The info S gave V was utterly useless. He gave HP a ''lesson'' about silent curses right at the end of the book. He stops this DE torturing HP and his excuse was the lamest since ''my homework was eaten by the dog''. Yes, Voldie wants HP alive, he doesn't really care what state his in. Crucio doesn't kill you, so what was the point?The contras: Voldemort is more of a ''kill first talk later'' person. If S was the Death Eater ''who left forever'' how did he get back in to Voldie's group? He would have to have talked faster than it took Voldie to lift his wand and say the killing curse, which was since a long time a reflex. We don't know what kind of info he gave D. He murdered D! What more proof do you want? He's a Death Eater. We don't know ''where his loyalties lie''. Why would someone ask to be killed? Ask somebody else, he's evil that's why I ''liked'' him in the first place! Badies are more complex and interesting than the heroes.


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